All kinds of businesses require

more or less accounting service. Accounting should give entrepreneurs and entitled third parties an overview and help keeping good track of business. Accounting reflects all business transactions and claims and liabilities arising from the transactions in the accounting journals and ledgers.

Why choose us?

  • No need of in-house bookkeepers’ and specialist;
  • No need for investments creating a new employment (e.g. office space, computer, accounting system etc.)
  • Avoid the costs associated with improvement of qualification of employees and renewal of computers or programs.

What type of service to choose?

  • Simple accounting
  • E-accounting
  • Consultative accounting

Simple accounting

is an excellent solution for small-sized companies whose daily business transactions are minimal and the management board does not require complicated accounting or detailed management reports. Price for this service is more favorable and the fixed costs are kept minimal.

The advantage of E-accounting

is that you don`t have to collect documents constantly and forward and re-forward them. Also the double entry of data is not necessary. Online accounting enables you to enter, change, forward and print out the data. You can directly enter and issue the purchase and sales invoices from the program. Documents that you don`t enter yourself you can forward to us by e-mail, by post, by fax or deliver them in person. After the documents have been entered you can monitor your financial records directly from the database. Also you have the opportunity to see different financial reports – balance sheet, income statement, outstanding sales invoices, purchase invoices that have not been paid etc.

Consultative accounting

is a solution for companies whose management needs in addition to accounting support making management-related decisions with the help of management accounting and analysis. This service is also for companies whose volume of work needs an accountant who deals with the day to day work but has a lack of competence when it comes to solving complex issues, developing a system and preparing reports.
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